Safe and Sustainable

The methods of shockwave de-fouling are some of the safest and most sustainable in the world. No alternative solution has a better LTI ratio (lost time incident) than cleaning by means of shockwaves.

With the experienced engineers following Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) protocol, the risks to employees and installation are minimal.

The methods are better for the environment too, as shutdowns can be prevented and cleaning can be done without the costly loss of energy and resources.


Health and safety, looking after the environment and providing a quality service are crucial key performance indicators (KPIs) for Online Cleaning Technologies and are inextricably bound up in the service offered.



Online Cleaning Technologies has an integrated management system that is certified in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and VCA-P 2008/5.1. This certification applies depending on the business activity in most regions in which Online Cleaning Technologies operates.

Safe Systems of Work (SSoW)

Each project performed by Online Cleaning Technologies is subject to standardised procedures to ensure safe working conditions for the people, the installation and the environment.

The main objective of the SSoW procedure is to guarantee the highest level of safety for all people involved and maintain the integrity of the installation when working with detonative materials by providing a uniform way of working. The procedures have been developed by us and with input from the global engineering, technical and business services organisation, Lloyd’s register.

The procedure consists of drawing up a proposal or plan, which is performed under strict control and full support from Online Cleaning Technologies management and the client. After completing any operation, an evaluation is done to assure that all safety parameters have been achieved.

Each new employee has to follow training to guarantee that all works are done in accordance with the SSoW and all procedures are followed to ascertain safe operation and sustainable results for all employees involved.


The customers regard Online Cleaning Technologies as a committed, service-focused and reliable partner. It is important to be available and online for clients 24/7 – that means 24 hours a day, SEVEN days a week.

  • Enhanced availability of the installation
  • Savings on maintenance through shorter stops / lead times / shut downs / outages
  • Can be applied online or offline
  • No side effects such as additional waste and water
  • Consistent high level of safety and control
  • Consistent, proven and reliable cleaning
  • Effective in all types of boilers
  • Reduced emissions
  • Offline cleaning method allows several cleaning methods to be performed simultaneously
  • Intense and close cooperation with clients
  • Monitoring system available for ongoing maintenance
  • Continuous innovation with active research and development to improve solutions

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