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During production in industrial installations contamination builds up. This contamination reduces plant efficiency and can cause incidents as blockages mean that production may have to stop.


Pro-active monitoring of production data and relevant maintenance parameters are crucial to ensuring the plant stays online. Online Cleaning Technologies can provide an analysis tool or ‘management dashboard’ to do this. With the special heat-resistant cameras Online Cleaning Technologies can monitor the installation while it remains in full production. The staff can also carry out joint inspections of the installation in order to tailor an effective cleaning plan for the client. This will consist of one or multiple proposed cleaning solutions depending on the type of installation, the location and the nature of the contamination.


The cleaning is carried out by one of the specialised cleaning teams during full or tempered production. The experts monitor all parameters during the cleaning process and take all SHEQ measures into account to guarantee a smooth and safe operation. After cleaning, production levels will instantly be optimised to levels up to 100%.



Online Cleaning Technologies guarantees long-term and sustainable results with thorough cleaning methods that enables stable and optimised levels of production.



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Recent Case Studies

Online Cleaning Solutions can be applied to all types of plants and facilities. Please read our case studies to find out more.

Iggessund Papermill, United Kingdom

How did the company do the industrial cleaning before Online Cleaning Technologies started to support? This paperboard production company started production in 2013. Since the start of production Online Cleaning…

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Spent catalyst processing plant, The Netherlands

During the thermal regeneration process in their fluidized bed boiler the flue gasses need to be cooled down very quickly or else toxic dioxins will be generated. This cooling is…

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Energy from Waste Facility, United Kingdom

The company had 12-16 unscheduled, irregular shutdowns each year, caused by clinker forming in sand in the fluidized bed in the bottom of the boiler. When fluidisation in the furnace…

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Our project at the beginning of April at the waste incineration plant in Pfaffenau Austria was featured in a news story of Heute. To read/view the full news story click…

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Assistant Blaster gezocht!

Wij zijn per direct op zoek naar een fulltime  Assistant Blaster Wij zijn een 24/7 dynamisch en service gericht bedrijf op zoek naar een collega die ons team komt versterken….

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Online Cleaning Technologies opens Office in Switzerland

The leader in shockwave cleaning for industrial installations has opened a new office in Switzerland on 1st April 2017. The new office is located in Meggen in the province of…

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