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Energy-from-Waste Facility (CHP), United Kingdom

Traditional Energy-from-Waste

This plant has been operating since 1975 and holds high environmental and operational standards. Up until 2014, production had to cease every 23-26 weeks for maintenance shutdown lasting 3-4 days for cleaning alone. During this cycle the boiler and furnace were cleaned manually following cooldown of the plant. Since 2014 Online Cleaning Technologies has performed regular Patented Linear Cleans in the boiler and cyclones to deslag the plant during operations. Due to our effective analysis and focused shockwaves, maintenance cycles can be postponed substantially. Intervals between shutdowns have now been extended 32 weeks due to the work carried out by OCT, and periods between shutdowns are expected to be extended further once various mechanical issues are overcome.

The plant manager commented:

Due to the services provided by Online Cleaning Technologies we are now achieving record running periods since the plants were built in 1975.