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Energy from Waste Facility, United Kingdom


This company faced 12 to 16 unscheduled, irregular shutdowns each year, caused by clinkers forming in sand in the fluidised bed at the bottom of the boiler.

When fluidisation in the furnace became unstable or emissions changed, the furnace had to be shut down. The furnace and the boiler then required a rapid safety clean before entering the boiler for the offline clean of the bed.

Online Cleaning Technologies were brought on board to provide safety cleans and we were on site 24 hours after the request was made for us to come in. Following the employment of our Linear Shockwave method the plant faced significantly fewer shutdowns and our services enabled the rapid and safe entrance for offline cleans. Fewer shutdowns for the plant means increased plant availability and more profit.

The maintenance manager stated:

The speed of response of Online Cleaning Technologies is beyond anything we normally expect from our contractors

Online Cleaning Technologies has also been appointed to clean the 2nd and 3rd passes and hoppers. After initial trial projects in 2011 and 2013, in 2014 the partnership intensified with a structured and regular maintenance contract for multiple parts of the plant to perform proactive and reactive cleans.