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Lenzing faserwerke oberösterreich austria


Lenzing employed Online Cleaning Technologies in 2004 after recognising our position as a leading provider of shockwave cleaning solutions and the benefits we can offer over our competitors.

At Lenzing OCT uses its Patented Linear Cleaning method as part of a regular maintenance schedule, which has resulted in fewer shutdowns and no unplanned stoppages.

Our Patented Linear shockwave method was first used 13 years ago to clear a major blockage in the multicyclone installation. Following the success of this initial job, our services were employed to replace the multiple traditional, manual cleans that the plant had to previously carry out.

Average capacity increased by 10% to over 100t steam and periods between shutdowns were extended to over 8500 working hours! To enable this several adaptions have been made to the design of the site. Several boiler openings were added, the operational parameters were adapted and each week the installation is inspected with our unique High Definition, High Temperature camera. The results are monitored and cleaning cycles are regularly adapted. The wear and tear on the plant has been significantly reduced, and as a consequence the plant faces lower maintenance costs as well as higher and more efficient production.