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Industrial installations and power plants face daily challenges in keeping production at optimal and consistent levels. This is especially true of installations where steam and heat is used such as in refineries, zinc factories, paper mills and bio-energy stations, as well as the petrochemical, the process industry and melting plants, which are constantly optimising their process to maintain high levels of production.

Maintenance and industrial cleaning are fundamental to ensure stability and optimal performance. One way of doing this is by ensuring the delta-T (Temperature) values are kept stable, and as high as possible. Difference between input and output steam temperature in the installation should be kept constant. When the delta Temperature starts to decrease, the temperatures in the installation increase and plant performance and efficiency is likely to suffer.

The most like cause of reduced delta-T temperatures is contamination in the installation, such as fouling and ash blockage. Straightforward analysis during operation followed by focused online cleaning can prevent costly shutdowns and bring back production on the targeted levels. Online Cleaning can provide innovative shockwave cleaning while the installation remains in full operation or provide safety cleaning prior to shut-down. Our services are best suited to power plants, bio-energy plants, smelters, refineries, coal power stations, (hazardous) waste – and peat-fired power stations.

Energy-from-Waste Power Station

Energy-from-waste plants process unrecyclable household waste as well as suitable industrial or commercial waste.

Coal-Fired Power Stations

In coal-fired power stations, heat is created by combusting coal.

Biomass Power Plants

Biomass power installations produce electricity and heat by burning biological material in a boiler.

Silo/Tank Storage

In silos and tanks moisture can form a blockage near the exit, and this can disable the installation.


Metal processing installations and smelters extract various metals from ore to create more refined metal products.

ESP – Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic precipitators (filters) are crucial to a plant’s operation and regular cleaning is essential to maximise efficiency and reduce unscheduled shutdowns.

Process Industry

The process industry comprises a wide variety of processing plants from the chemical, petrochemical and material producing industry.

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