OCT Dashboard Monitoring – a key to greater productivity and efficiency

It’s a well-known fact that prevention is better than cure, and although your industrial installation will need cleaning regularly, outsourced, effective plant monitoring by Online Cleaning Technology will greatly enhance the efficiency of that clean, preventing costly shutdowns and increasing your profits.


Online Cleaning Technologies’ monitoring and analysis tool tracks your facility’s performance so you can concentrate on what you do best. Professionally and remotely managed by boiler and process engineers, the service enables guaranteed, proactive maintenance and cleaning programs of the installation, improving the overall productivity and efficiency of the installation.

Using the in-depth analysis offered by Online Cleaning Technologies’ Monitoring Dashboard, we provide a “condition-based” service that ensures your plant is cleaned only when and where necessary, reducing costs and increasing your bottom line.

This tool is offered as part of a customer’s performance contract with Online Cleaning Technology and is available for use by clients. Online Cleaning Technology also provides Performance Guaranteed contracts which guarantee run times up to two years under certain process parameters.

  • Enables efficient maintenance and cleaning of the installation
  • Problems can be found, investigated and resolved much more speedily
  • “Condition-based” cleaning ensures targeted cleaning, further enhancing efficiency


Our customers are seeing the benefits and here is what they had to say.

“The ‘keep it clean’ approach by Online Cleaning Technology, reduces flue gas temperatures and tube corrosion”

“Boiler operations are now much more stable and consistent”

“Online Cleaning now help with plant operation”

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