Additional Services

 Online Camera

The specialised camera is heat-resistant to temperatures up to 1,300°C and allows us to easily survey and record every part of the installation while it is still online and above 400°C.

Online camera inspections can be used to determine the location of fouling for pre-outage furnace inspections and for fault diagnosis within the boiler.

Monitoring services

Installations can be monitored via a remotely managed dashboard and analysis tool. This is professionally managed by boiler and process engineers and is also available to be monitored by clients to monitor their installation operated.

The monitoring services enable guaranteed, proactive maintenance and cleaning programs of the installation and improve the overall productivity and efficiency of the installation.

This tool is free of charge and will form part of a customer’s contract.

Online Cleaning Technologies can also provide Performance Guaranteed contracts. These contracts can guarantee run times up to two years under certain guaranteed process parameters. With this online Monitoring Dashboard OC can clean “condition based”, that is, to reduce costs and only clean when necessary and yet still achieve increased profit.

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Recent Case Studies

Online Cleaning Solutions can be applied to all types of plants and facilities. Please read our case studies to find out more.

Spent catalyst processing plant, The Netherlands

During the thermal regeneration process in their fluidized bed boiler the flue gasses need to be cooled down very quickly or else toxic dioxins will be generated. This cooling is…

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Energy from Waste Facility, United Kingdom

The company had 12-16 unscheduled, irregular shutdowns each year, caused by clinker forming in sand in the fluidized bed in the bottom of the boiler. When fluidisation in the furnace…

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Energy from Waste Facility (CHP), United Kingdom

Background of the cooperation with Online Cleaning Technologies The plant has been operating since 1975 and holds high environmental and operational standards. Up to 2014, the installation was stopped every 23-26…

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Recent News

Stay up to date with Online Cleaning and industry news.

Contract renewal HVC

For years, Conservator and Online Cleaning have been carrying out work at all locations of HVC. Recently, after an intensive tendering process, we have extended the contract by 4 year…

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Online Cleaning Technologies UK continues to grow.

As part of our continued drive to grow our capabilities within the UK we would like to announce some further additions to our growing team at Online Cleaning Technologies. Engineering…

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Our project at the beginning of April at the waste incineration plant in Pfaffenau Austria was featured in a news story of Heute. To read/view the full news story click…

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