Standard Stick Blasting

The standard stick blasting solution is used for offline and online cleaning mostly in the empty paths of boilers, as well as in furnaces, burners, screens, precipitators, combustion chambers, hoppers and silos. It is suitable for safety cleaning where access to the installation is within short reach.

How it works

  • Using a gelatinous detonative cartridge with high gas volume and low velocity, a charge is administered using a lance
  • The shockwave released by the explosion clears away ash build-up on walls and panels of the area. It also causes the boiler tubes to vibrate, eliminating other areas of fouling build-up
  • The system is cooled so it can be used while the boiler is still in operation
  • Stick blasting removes major and hanging waste build-up, so that cleaning staff can safely enter after shutdown of the boiler
  • The whole process is wireless controlled and monitored

Why this method?

  • Proven solution for up to 150 installations worldwide
  • Efficiency can be increased by up to 110%, meaning increased revenue
  • Safer and more sustainable than traditional methods

Applicable Sectors

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