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The Patented Linear Cleaning Method – why it’s worth every penny

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Posted - June 16th, 2020

Online Cleaning’s Linear Cleaning method is one of the most effective ways of maintaining plant operation and efficiency, while avoiding the need to shut down for manual cleaning and sand-blasting.

Using our proven Linear Cleaning method our customers are able to run without stoppages for interventional manual cleaning for up to two years. Plants that clean using alternative methods and manual cleaning methods often have mini shutdowns (cleaning stops) every six months, so the financial savings that can be made with our approach, which avoids these cleaning stops, are huge and should be considered when choosing your cleaning service provider.

During the Coronavirus crisis plants have had to extend their running periods and using linear cleaning, along with our High Definition, High Temperature camera and our Online Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard for monitoring and visual inspection and analysis, we can ensure that our customers maintain optimal plant efficiency while helping to eliminate any problems which may lead to unplanned stops.

Linear Cleaning in focus

Our linear cleaning method is the only solution to provide a full online cleaning service without the need to shut down or stop. Using this method, not only are the blockages in the gas lanes cleared, but thermal efficiency can be increased by up to 110% – this means greater output or increased annual availability and hence increased revenue for the plant.

OCT Before and After

The shockwave is precise, with just enough energy to dislodge and break up ash deposits, without affecting the plant’s integrity. Due to the targeted manner of the process the complete area or tube bundle can be cleaned, enabling OCT to offer performance guarantees should the client require this.

The velocity of the shockwaves administered produces a shockwave at a velocity of around 7000 metres/second. This particular shockwave velocity makes for a much more effective clean as the ash is dislodged and broken into smaller pieces than is possible with other methods. These smaller pieces can then be easily cleared.

In some instances, the use of lower velocity shockwaves can lead to larger deposits being stuck in tube bundles, which can then lead to a rapid blocking of boilers as well as the ash conveyor system having more blockages[SH1] . These blockages are often what drives the six-monthly cleaning stops.

However, on occasions different boiler areas require different cleaning methods. In some instances, lower velocity shockwaves or different techniques are required due to the size of access or type of area to be cleaned, for which OCT also has the solutions.

OCT has multiple cleaning systems and methodologies which complement the Linear Cleaning system. Using our experience and knowledge we can combine all of these methods to develop the ideal and most effective process the plant should need.

So, using linear cleaning, plant performance can be maintained without any impact from fouling or blockages. This enables plants to extend running periods to up to two years, reducing maintenance costs and increasing availability. High temperature corrosion can also be reduced by maintaining lower flue gas temperatures at the level of the superheaters.

Patented Linear Cleaning benefits

  • Guaranteed results
  • Plant performance can be maintained
  • No blockages
  • Reduce high temperature corrosion
  • Reduced boiler fouling
  • Extended running periods
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased availability
  • Increased profit

For more information on how OCT can help you stay online and save money, contact us today.