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OCT gains advanced first aid certification from military medical training expert Prometheus

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Posted - January 8th, 2020

Online Cleaning Technologies is proud to announce that our team is now fully certified in advanced first aid, which was gained after an intensive course with Prometheus Training, an expert in high quality medical training for private security, military and healthcare professions.

During the two-day intensive course, which was led by an experienced paramedic, OCT team members were taught how to respond to the specific work-place accidents, which are rare, but possible in this potentially hazardous industry.

The OCT team members involved in training learned how to treat blast injuries which could result in burns or heavy blood loss. In addition, we were advised on suitable first aid kits designed for major trauma as well as given advice on the use of medical equipment such as defibrillators which cannot be used on metal stairs or walkways – common features of industrial plants.

Dave Swann, commercial training and development manager at Prometheus Training commented: “I was approached by Steve at OCT who got in touch as he was keen to offer OCT staff a bit more than the usual first aid training, and it’s highly unusual but also a credit to Steve and the company that they came to us and want to go above and beyond what is legally required in terms of safety at work. Steve said he wanted to come up with a package that was relevant and current.

“The two day course included basic first aid training but also more in-depth training which would be relevant in industrial or power station settings – So the first thing we talked about was how to deal with a catastrophic haemorrhage [which could be sustained in a blast], as well as how to check a person’s airways and open them, how to give a breathing assessment, as well dealing with any injuries on the chest and dealing with any bleeding.

“The aim really was to build the confidence of the participants to a much higher level than could be achieved with a one-day standard first aid course.  And of course, these skills can be used outside of the work place.

“The feedback from all the trainees has been really encouraging with many of them wanting to take further training – this would involve a 5-day course to give trainees more knowledge in why they’re administering a dressing, for example, and offering that extra level of confidence.”

Steve Holland, managing director at Online Cleaning Technologies UK, added:

“Because the first two minutes following major trauma are most critical for patient survival, it is reassuring for us to know that we are now equipped to effectively respond in this time frame, and is another example of how seriously we take health and safety and the welfare of our people here at Online Cleaning.”