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Online Cleaning achieves ISO 45001 certification – once again putting Health & Safety at the forefront of operations

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Posted - October 25th, 2023

Online Cleaning, the UK and Europe’s recognised market leader in the use of controlled detonative shockwave technology has once again demonstrated its commitment to health and safety, with its application and achievement of ISO 45001 certification – Health and Safety Management System.

This ISO certification formalises and further strengthens what was already a robust health and safety policy held by the company.

It is further evidence of Online Cleaning’s dedication to ensuring a safe environment for its employees, clients, and the communities in which Online Cleaning operates.

This internationally-recognised standard provides its customers with added assurance that its operations adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring the well-being of all individuals involved, both within Online Cleaning and Clients’ sites.

With the accreditation, the company has a feedback process which enables the organisation to constantly improve, plus front-line staff have input into the policies. It also incorporates a thorough system for reporting any near misses.

Steve Holland, Managing Director at Online Cleaning said:

It’s an expert procedure and it shows that we consistently have health and safety at the top of our agenda.

Instrumental in achieving the accreditation were Office Manager Nicky Carroll and Operations Manager Mike Davies. In total, it took 10 months to complete, with Online Cleaning receiving their certification in August this year.

Nicky commented: “I was involved in the administration and management side. The certification is a natural progression for us, as with the job we do, health and safety has always been paramount. This is just the next step to prove our status as far as health and safety is concerned – an official rubber stamp which demonstrates our commitment to creating the safest working environment possible for clients, and of course, our staff.”

Mike said: “In my capacity as Operations Manager, my primary role was to gather sufficient documentation to substantiate our compliance to all operational requirements. Even before pursuing accreditation, we had already implemented a range of effective systems that were aligned with the necessary standards. The accreditation process has further facilitated the enhancement and streamlining of our processes.”

For our Engineers, they know they have strong teams behind them, who always have their safety and wellbeing at the forefront, and operationally for them it just means that extra level of conscientiousness – making sure they sign off on jobs and submit their documentation in a timely manner.


On the contribution of the front-line staff, Mike added: “They’re all really on board with the new processes and we want our Engineers to know how much we appreciate their input as we couldn’t have achieved the ISO 45001 accreditation without them.”

Thanking his team for their hard work and dedication, Steve continued: “Nicky and Mike have put a lot of hard work into achieving this accreditation, and I’d also like to extend thanks to all the front-line staff who have also made such a valuable contribution so far, and who I know, will continue to do so.”

What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is an international standard for health and safety, accident and hazard prevention at work.

It provides a framework for identifying, controlling and minimising health and safety risks in the workplace, as well as promoting a culture of continuous improvement in these areas.

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